4 Easy ways to ‘Just Deal With It’

Have you ever discussed a problem with someone and they told you to “just deal with it”?

They might have been complete jerks, but maybe they had a point. Hear me out.

In an interview with Psychology Today, renowned American psychologist Martin Seligman explained the phrase “just deal with it” means learning to accept something unpleasant. When we accept a situation for what it is we can work toward solutions grounded in reality.

There are times when reality sucks. I feel you. That’s why I want to share four low-key ways to help you to just deal with it:


1. Me(me) time



If you’re a Redditor you’ll love this one. Dubbed the “Internet for the Spirit,” Reddit’s /r/wholesomememes subreddit is an effortless antidote for a bad day. Community members share positive memes, images, GIFS and comments to brighten the world.


2. Shake it off




Don’t argue with Taylor Swift! When life gets you mad take that anger and make it work for you in the gym. If you’re feeling low energy, a walk is a relaxing way to get your body moving. Or you can stay inside and do some gentle yoga. Here’s my favourite sequence by Yoga With Adriene.


3. Breathe




You have to breathe anyway so you might as well put it in the self-care toolkit. Try taking long, deep breaths. Use the GIF if you need help with your pacing. Want an extra “challenge”? Try alternate nostril breathing. You don’t even need to use your hands! Just guide your attention to the nostril you want to breathe in and out of, alternating when appropriate.


4. PG Netflix and Chill




Relaxing on the couch, binge-watching your favourite show is a self-care luxury. Buy your own Netflix subscription or borrow your friend’s account for a night. Savour every minute of this modern-day R&R! Speaking of R, if you want to do the R-rated version with a consenting adult #youdoyou #GetItGirl!

Did I miss your favourite self-care activity? Let me know in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “4 Easy ways to ‘Just Deal With It’

  1. I’ve never thought as “just deal with it” as a positive thing! It makes me think of suppressing emotions and ignoring problems – I like your suggestions much more!

    Liked by 1 person

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